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What is ADHD Coaching?
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I'm a trained ADHD Coach...
Hi, I'm Raine and like you I have ADHD

A bit about ADHD coaching

ADHD Coaching when done right, is a collaborative partnership between Coach and Client. Together as a team we will work together in a judgmental free space to work towards enhancing how you experience life.  We will find tools, strategies, an aha or two and find ways to move past obstacles that are in your way at a level that is realistic and achievable.

As a trained ADHD Coach (and someone who has ADHD myself) I have a keen understanding of the executive functioning challenges that ADHD people experience. Common struggles for people with ADHD can include (but not limited to):

• Organising 
• Planning
• Time Management
• Impulse Control
• Paying attention
• Emotional regulation

Unfortunately conventional wisdom for helping in these areas doesn’t always work for people with ADHD. And there is such a lack of education about what ADHD is, and so much well meaning advice for ADHD people is often not useful, not helpful and doesn’t actually help. What you need is custom help that is specifically tailored to your individual needs and circumstances.

Together we will work through your challenges and find solutions that are as unique as you are.

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Are you a Newly Diagnosed Adult?

A diagnosis can sometimes feel scary and overwhelming, but it can also bring feelings of relief when suddenly your entire life makes so much more sense.  I’ve been there. I understand.

ADHD coaching for the later in life diagnosed will help you detangle your ADHD traits, lean into your strengths and learn how to put systems and strategies in place to help you thrive.

I work with the officially diagnosed and folks who suspect they have ADHD but haven’t been able to get an official diagnosis as yet.

newly diagnosed adhd adult

Are you a Frazzled Professional?

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I know that managing ADHD symptoms in a professional environment can be tough. It can be so easy to feel overwhelmed.  Maybe your professional life is going well, but your home life is down the toilet.  Or vice versa.  Have you had enough of feeling like you’re drowning yet?

As a professional or business owner, coaching can help explore your strengths and learn how to lean into them - instead of grinding away at the boring stuff you’re not good at anyway.  Create a bit of space and ease in your life.

I am a trained ADHD coach and most of my clients are successful professionals or business owners. Coaching with me is judgment free and confidential. You will learn strategies to manage your symptoms and work through a specific challenge you are having.

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Are you a Drowning Business Owner?

There is an undeniable link between ADHD and entrepreneurship. As someone who has spent most of my adult years running my own business vs working for someone else, I really understand it from all angles.

And I LOVE working with business owners!


You are my people!

I also understand that when you own your own business, you 'the person' and you 'the business owner' are pretty intertwined. I get it. And I can help you detangle the mess of overwhelm going on in your head right now.

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