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Living With Adult ADHD

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The ADHD Toolbox: 17 Simple Reframes for Immediate Use

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This resource for living with adult ADHD is under development. It's so annoying when you are trying to find out more about adult attention deficit hyperactivity disorder and all you can find is articles about children. Here are some things areas that will be included:

Understanding Adult ADHD

Knowledge is power and the more you can understand about yourself and your ADHD the more you will be able to thrive not survive. What you will find under understanding adult attention deficit hyperactivity disorder.

ADHD symptoms and how they present in adults
How to get diagnosed
Coping strategies to manage symptoms
How ADHD can affect relationships in all areas of your life
Neurobiology of ADHD
Gender and ADHD
ADHD advocacy and awareness

Managing Adult ADHD

This section will be all about the treatment and management of adult ADHD. Subjects covered will include medication, time management strategies, organisational strategies, self monitoring, sleep, stress, goals and creating support systems.

There is so many ways we can improve how we are managing our ADHD. It’s ok to just take small steps forward to managing things a bit better.  Common ways to manage adult ADHD include:

Time management strategies
Organizational strategies
Self monitoring via journalling or habit tracking
Sleep hygiene
Stress management tools
Action based goal setting (instead of outcome based goal setting)
Support systems
When and how to advocate for yourself
Embrace Neurodiversity: 50 Tips for Adults With ADHD

ADHD Wellbeing

This section is all about you and living with adult adhd with your wellbeing first and foremost. It will include adhd articles on self-care and wellness, mindfulness, exercise, meditation, time management, relaxation techniques, stress reduction, emotional regulation, organisation and decluttering and hobbies.

Everyone can benefit from working on their self-care and wellness. Neuro-typicals can get by without working on it, those of us with ADHD it is essential to our quality of life.  Here are some areas of adhd wellbeing that will be covered:

Mindfulness and Meditation
Exercise and Movement
Sleep Hygiene
Nutrition and Hydration
Time Management
Stress Reduction and Relaxation Techniques
Emotional Regulation
Organization and Decluttering
Social Support and Connection
Hobbies and Creative Outlets

ADHD Tools

This section is all about the adult adhd tools and gadgets that help us run our lives. You will find apps/software, planners/calenders, assistive tech, mindfulness/meditation, cbt tools, note taking/memory aids, diet, exercise/fitness, sleep/rest, self care/wellness

There are so many tools for adults with adhd. We will be looking further into:

apps and software
planners and calendars
assistive tech
mindfulness and meditation tools
CBT tools to help track and manage symptoms
note taking and memory aids
diet and nutrition tool
exercise and fitness tools
sleep and rest tools
Self care and wellness tools
Have Better Mornings: Alarm Clocks for ADHD that Actually Work

ADHD and in Business

Are you an ADHD business owner? You are not alone, folks with ADHD are more likely to be self employed. This section is just for you. Subjects covered will included: entrepreneurship, productivity/efficiency, marketing & sales, financial management, innovation and creativity, networking & collaboration, leadership and management 

ADHD and Entrepreneurship
Business ideas for ADHD people
Simplify your business (stop drowning)
How to simplify your business and increase your productivity
ADHD and innovation/creativity

ADHD Coaching

You might be curious about all the buzz words around like executive function coach, online adhd coach, virtual adhd coach... are they the same thing, and if not whats the difference.

how to become an adhd coach
how adhd coaching helps emotional regulation
what is an executive functioning coach?
is an adhd coach and executive functioning coach different?
difference between a standard life coach and adhd coach certification for adhd coach virtual adhd coach

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